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Racecourse Le Pertre - Courses du Pertre - Hippodrome de la Chaussée - Passage de l'open ditch haut

 Bienvenue sur notre site         Welcome to our web site


 Welcome to Le Pertre Racecourse.

Please contact us for information about visiting us to discover the world of horse racing and other events in the area. Look at our web site to regard our varied races and obstacles, all in a glorious setting.

Courses du Pertre - Hippodrome de la Chaussée - Passage du fence

Look at these pictures.
Imagine being in the middle of one of the most famous jump racecourses in Brittany !
Local people are great followers of jump racing.

Courses du Pertre - Hippodrome de la Chaussée - Passage du double contre bas

The spectacle of the race.     The spectators become part.
                          We connect with the horse and delight in this.
                                                Images and feelings become ingrained in the memory.

Courses du Pertre - Hippodrome de la Chaussée - Passage de l'oxer

So... come racing with your family...or with your horses...
Enter...win...gain some money and enjoy !

We have organised several pony races between British and French ponies and riders.

7 horse races each meeting
2 cross - country races, 2 steeplechases and 3 trotting races
Pari-mutual tote betting for all races.







The horses race in a beautiful verdant setting locally called "bocage".
In the background is the village steeple, the highest in Brittany.

The racecourse is noted for being divided between two departments, Ille-et-Vilaine and Mayenne, and an obstacle called the "talus breton" straddles the boundary.

Courses du Pertre - Hippodrome de la Chaussée - Passage du talus breton

At Le Pertre, there is a true sporting atmosphere. The jockeys, with their varying styles, are applauded by an appreciative public.

At Le Pertre, the horses and riders adapt to the difficulties of each race.

At Le Pertre, the horses aren't numbers, they are individuals, each bred to race along with all their relatives that have also shined on the racecourse.

At Le Pertre, racing has retained its individuality.

Situation géographique
Le Pertre

Vue aérienne
Le Pertre
aerial wiew

  Société des Courses du Pertre 2,rue du Chardonneret  35370 Le Pertre
  Président : Eric de Legge
  Office Phone : +33(0)2 99 96 92 89 - Racetrack La Chaussée +33(0)2 99 96 99 28


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